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SEO is the process of refining a website for better visibility and ranking in a search engine. It is a marketing strategy, as top ranking in a search engine will not boost the volume of traffic but also increase the business prospects.



We have a dedicated team of professionals specializing in search engine optimization. For effective SEO we concentrate on the following key areas that guarantees a better ranking for a website on a Search engine.

Key word Search:

People enter keywords in the search engines to find the links to a website; these keywords form the basis of any website on a search engine. Hence it is imperative to look out for key words and incorporate them in the web content. At Brisuntech we have an effective methodology for keyword search and Analysis.

Content Writing:

As they say in any website the Content is the “KING”, it explains all information about your product or services and in tunes it with the most popular search engines for better ranking.

At Brisuntech we understand the importance of the content incorporated with suitable keywords, through our team of experienced technical writers. Our content will provide great Introduction to your company, as quality content will always bring in more potential clients and make them into long term customers. Our Writers make sure the text of a website is informative and influential enough, so that the customer visits it frequently and hold on to the website longer enough.

Our copy writing team also has rich experience in copywriting and we also undertake copy editing tasks in a cost effective manner.

Link popularity:

Link popularity is the total numbers of websites that link to your website. It is an important factor while a search engine is judging the popularity and ranking of a website. In general the number of links increases the popularity of a website and gives more visibility in the search pages. They also determine the authenticity of the website and boost the ranking on a search engine.

Our dedicated SEO team ensures link popularity of your site by increasing internal, incoming and outgoing links.