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Medical Transcription Services by Qualified Transcriptionist

Brisuntech Medical Transcription was established in 2005, providing Services to US clients with great accuracy and quality. We have a skilled and qualified team that types Medical and General Reports and Letters. We have a wide range of satisfied groups and individual customers.


  • One Week Free Trial Without any obligations.
  • Toll-Free 800 Number for the dictation.
  • No technical experience is required, just take the phone and dictate any time.
  • 12, 18 & 24 hours Turn Around Time (TAT).
  • Normal is 18 hours. STAT can also be done on an urgent basis.
  • Free EMR Insertion, we work with any EMR.
  • Lowest  Possible charges starting from only $ 0.70 per minute Charges
  • 99.9% Quality and Accuracy.
  • Checked by the Qualified Quality Control Department.
  • Provide 24 Hr Customer Support to the Clients.

How Online Medical Transcription can improve our Nation's Health Care?

In the United States, it is estimated that Billions of Dollars Worth of money is spent on the Health Care System of our population. In our Budget declaration decision has been made by the government for the amount to be spent on people's health care. Our Health Care Policy defines every aspect of Health Care for a common people. Our economy has been facing many difficulties in developing a constant growth pattern. To ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the Health Care System our health records should be created electronically for use in the diagnosis of the near future. Many automated facilities are provided by many firms that focus on the ease of use for Medical Doctors.

Disadvantages of not having Medical Transcription:

"Electronic Medical Records helps the Physicians to ensure proper diagnosis of the diseases and enlist factors of the human body that could help in the cure procedure."

For Instance, Medical History, Medications, Diagnosis reports of doctors are contained in a record. Any Health Care Facility cannot operate manually and with a lack of medical records, doctors will be unable to coordinate with the patient's health revival extra resources are used without using the medical records so it will definitely increase the cost of Health Care.

The Future of Medical Transcription in the Health Care System:

The main features of medical transcription are to develop such a system to facilitate a Safe, Quality, and Cost-Effective Health Care System. As quality Medical Transcription service is not just a single task, the process of transcription is similar to a cycle that continues to rotate until a definite accurate record is formed for every patient. Medical Transcription Service has dedicated experienced staff to play a significant role in inpatient health care.

"Medical Records helps in protection of patient and the doctor and prohibits arising any kind of health problems."

The main responsibility of doctors is to secure quality health care for each patient by allocating an adequate amount of time. A doctor can perform medical dictation faster than physically documenting medical records. So in this way great efficiency is achieved by the doctors for providing more time to their patients than in documents. The experience of a medical transcriptionist ensures to eliminate any kind of misquoted medicine dosage dictation by collaborating with the facility and the physician. Medical Records are used in the decision support system of the facility to enable them to predict future cures for the patients by using the successful health case in the past using a lot of predictors like age, allergies, blood pressure, etc.

"It is a hard fact that most advanced voice recognition systems cannot produce accurate results without the intervention of humans. Combination of Modern Technology and Human Brain are collectively used to form a quality product for medical records."

How the Electronic Health Care Records are Changing Health Care Delivery?

Electronic Health Care Record is the core component of any facility for providing quality health care to patients. Health information is the basic necessity to be used in a health care facility for every Medical Doctor and Patients. Following are the types of Facilities and Medical Doctors that can acquire the feature of medical transcription to save time and money ensures quality health care and electronic medical records collaboration.

Online Cardiology Reports (Cardiology Transcriptions)

The cardiology clinic's doctor dictation is professionally converted to a printable form.

Oncology Centers

Brisuntech provides Oncology reports transcription support through our qualified professional staff.

Orthopedics Transcription

    • The Clinics that use Orthopedic EMR are also offered Medical transcription support.

Radiology Transcription (Radiology reports online)

    • We provide a toll-free phone-in-dictation that is used by radiologists.

Existing EMR

    • The transcription team of Brisuntech can transcribe directly into any EMR web application.

      Brisuntech offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for medical professionals by providing transcription services directly into any EMR web application. The company's transcription team is skilled in the use of various EMR systems and can easily integrate their transcription services into a client's existing EMR workflow. This allows medical professionals to seamlessly document patient encounters and medical histories in their EMR system without having to manually enter the information themselves.

      Brisuntech's direct EMR integration service eliminates the need for additional software or hardware installation, saving clients time and money. With this service, clients can rest assured that their transcribed documents are secure, accurate, and integrated directly into their EMR system. This also ensures that patient information remains confidential and protected, as the transcription team follows strict HIPAA guidelines.

      Brisuntech's direct EMR integration service is available to medical professionals in various specialties, including but not limited to, cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, pulmonology, radiology, and urology.


Health Care System - Medical Doctors
Primary Care
Infectious Disease
  1. General Medical Transcription: This involves transcribing general medical reports, such as medical histories, physical examination reports, and discharge summaries.

  2. Radiology Transcription: This involves transcribing radiology reports, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds.

  3. Pathology Transcription: This involves transcribing pathology reports, such as biopsy reports and cytology reports.

  4. Cardiology Transcription: This involves transcribing cardiology reports, such as echocardiograms, electrocardiograms, and stress tests.

  5. Orthopedic Transcription: This involves transcribing orthopedic reports, such as operative reports, progress notes, and discharge summaries.

  6. Neurology Transcription: This involves transcribing neurology reports, such as EEGs, EMGs, and nerve conduction studies.

  7. Dermatology Transcription: This involves transcribing dermatology reports, such as skin biopsies, excisions, and Mohs surgeries.

  8. Gastroenterology Transcription: This involves transcribing gastroenterology reports, such as colonoscopies, endoscopies, and biopsy reports.

  9. Oncology Transcription: This involves transcribing oncology reports, such as chemotherapy progress notes, radiation therapy reports, and biopsy reports.

  10. Pediatrics Transcription: This involves transcribing pediatric reports, such as well-child visits, immunizations, and growth and development assessments.

BrisunTech offers medical transcription services for all these types of medical reports and specializes in delivering accurate and timely transcriptions to healthcare professionals across the United States.