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We offer Transcription companies a unique and very handy solution of the back-office facility at a very affordable rate. As a transcription company, we can understand that a lot of people and the companies which are facing short of Human resource issue and they are worried to get more business instead of keeping them busy with the in housework. This service is exactly for you. Due to the sensitivity of data privacy and HIPAA, they are also reluctant to outsource individual transcribers. We can understand that we will have a complete agreement with them and do the work on their behalf. 

No matter you are a small business or large you are welcome that you can outsource your extra burden/work to us. We will work along with you according to client requirements. 

The service is not only perfect for the business but also for the startups and small to medium size companies which can outsource their work to us and concentrate on business development. All they have to do is work along with us on the startup. We will transcribe their work and send it to the clients according to the client's requirements on your behalf. 

At Brisun tech, we can understand the value of your time and your work. You have a dedicated Account manager which is available for you and your clients. In this situation, you can only work for the development of business rather than handling the transcription issue.

Inhouse Transcription is always expensive and shrinks your profit ratios whereas outsourcing to the other company you only have to pay for the minutes or lines.