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A number of physicians are used to fill up the Performa report of the patient or just tick a predefined chart and that Performa sheet is is transcribed accordingly and create a word document or insert into the EMR System. We offer the chart to text service, they send us the scanned document by FTP or email. The next morning all the files will be transcribed, insert into their current EMR and they also have the option to receive the transcribed word format reports so they can print in-house and use them accordingly.

Scan to text or Scan to EMR is the same. We are not charging an extra service charge to input it into the EMR system. We are confident enough that we will provide you 99.9 % accuracy. 

We offer 1 week an obligation-free Trial Period for the scan to text service. 

During this week we will convert your chart into reports as per your requirement and we offer you very competitive pricing after reviewing the files. After the trial services, if you are willing to continue with the services then we will continue else the client has the choice to move ahead without any question asked and there will be no charges.

We rest assure that during the one-week Free Trial you will find these services according to your requirement. Email us you requirement at info@brisuntech.com