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We can understand that with the ease of Technology, Doctors and nurses also love to experience it and make their life more comfortable. With the transcription business now a days, we knew that Voice recognition is playing a vital role in the industry but at the same time we all knew that voice recognition specially for medical transcription need to be revised and rechecked by the experience proof reader / transcribers else there are always chances for the error and we can also understand that in the medical industry we cannot afford to have those errors. 

So, Keeping in view the current industry standards, Brisun technology also offer to have the VR Files to rechecked by the quality transcribers to remove any error. All you have to do is send us the VR file and audio. Our Qualified Experienced Quality Controller will do all the work for you and send it back to you or integrate into you current portal or EMR System. Moreover, if you required you files to be send back to you in word format on your letter head then we will also do that without any extra charges.

The pricing will depend upon the quality of VR files and its audio. We offer 1 week no obligation free trial period . During this period we can understand your requirement and we can check the quality and we can quote you the pricing on your test.

If you are happy with the pricing and quality of work, then you can continue and if you are not happy then you can move ahead without any question asked.